Fabulous Fathers – Celebrating Father’s Day

In celebration of Father’s Day, we asked Seasons residents from across our communities to tell us a little bit about their dads…

Here are a collection of their favourite memories, qualities of their fathers and important lessons their dads taught them.


Pam describes her dad (pictured below) as caring, cheeky and quick thinking, always coming up with jokes.  

Senior resident and her father

Raymond says his dad was a loving man, gentle, and kind to his mother and two brothers. The best advice his father gave him was to “always be kind to others.”  


According to Norman, one of the best things his father ever taught him (pictured below) was how to make a radio out of a matchbox and coal. He remembers his dad being very busy during the war years, working all hours on aeroplanes.  


Jenny describes her dad as ‘her rock’ whom she looked up to. She says he was always there to give advice when she needed it. Some of the best advice that he passed on was to always read a book in natural light and to keep on asking questions!  


Stan says one of his favourite memories of his dad was when he refereed a game of football riding a horse! The best piece of advice his father ever gave him was to accept a job offered after school days, which became his lifetime career.  


Hilton (pictured below with a photo of his father) says his dad was able to solve most problems on request. He loved that when his dad asked him to help out he would let Hilton do as much as he could before he would step in. His nickname was “Happy Tom” as he was always happy-go-lucky person 

Hilton holding a photo of his dad for father's day


We hope everyone enjoys their Father’s Day!


“When you need real understanding, when you need someone to care. When you need someone to guide you, a father’s always there.” – Thomas J. Langley 

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