Seasons residents rock Bribie Island

There is a craze that is rocking Bribie Island, and our Seasons residents cannot get enough, it is called ‘Bribie Rocks’!

The premise is to take well-rounded rocks or stones, paint them and then hide them all over the island for others to find.

The rules are simple, you paint them, hide them and search for them. It is fun for both young and old, and you can either keep the rocks or re-hide them. The choice is yours. But, you must remember to post where you found them on the Bribie Rocks Facebook group.

Some rocks can be very artistic, but each one is different, and each rock is special to the finder and the painter.

This wonderful initiative, while not original, has been well adopted on Bribie Island. Kids love it, parents love and the retired love it. And, as for the Seasons Bribie Island residents, it is a fun activity to do, and a great thrill to see where their painted rocks end up, who found them and the comments they receive.

Bribie Rocks was started by friends Kaye Harper-Smith and Alayne Charles Stuart, and they would never have guessed that it would become what it is today.

So, forget about the Rolling Stones, U2 and Bon Jovi … the real rock stars are the residents of Bribie Island, those who don’t take life all that seriously, who love to enjoy a bit of art, a little fun and a great amount of adventure. If you live on Bribie Island, please support Bribie Rocks – it is a fun activity that is fun for all, whether you live in Bongaree, Woorim, Bellara or Banksia Beach. And if you’re lucky you might just find one of the rocks lovingly decorated by our residents from Seasons Bribie Island!

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