How to become a dementia friend

How to become a dementia friend

An estimated 425,000 Australians are living with dementia. To assist in making a positive difference, you can pledge your support and become a Dementia Friend.

Dementia Awareness Month is Dementia Australia’s national awareness-raising campaign held every year throughout September. As part of this awareness, the organisation encourages individuals and organisations to become a Dementia Friend.

What is a dementia friend?

The Dementia Friends program is an informative online resource available to anyone interested in knowing more about dementia. The goal of the program is for a person to be empowered to do small, everyday things that can make a big difference to a person living with dementia.

People living with dementia can find it challenging to participate actively in the community. This is due, in part, to a lack of knowledge or understanding of the condition among the general public.  A recent survey found people living with dementia reported they often experience embarrassing situations, they they feel strongly disconnected and sometimes feel useless.

By becoming a Dementia Friend, and increasing your awareness of dementia impacts, you can help a family member, friend, or even co-worker living with dementia feel accepted, included and involved. With compassion and understanding, you can positively change the life of someone living with dementia.

How to become a dementia friend

Becoming a dementia friend is as easy as registering online on the Dementia Australia, Dementia Friendly website.

Who can become a dementia friend?

The great news is that anyone can. Already thousands of people, from politicians to businesses have signed up and pledged their support.

Where can I find out more about dementia?

To find out more about dementia and the impact it has in Australia, be sure to get in touch with the Dementia Australia team or browse their website.

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