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At Seasons we take the risk of COVID-19 to our residents, staff, and the broader community very seriously. 

As a result, we have a number of measures in place to ensure that we reduce this risk as much as possible.  This includes requiring all visitors to our Seasons Communities to sign-in upon entering a community, to respect the need for physical distancing as much as possible, to practice good hand hygiene, and to avail themselves of the opportunity to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.  We also ask that if people are unwell that they do not visit our communities.

From time to time, and in line with relevant Commonwealth and State Government advice, we may restrict visitors to our communities.  If such a measure is necessary, we will make sure we communicate our intention to all residents and their families.

If you have any questions or concerns about our COVID-19 responses, please email health@seasonsliving.com.au , call 1300 732 766 or by contacting your local Seasons Community Manager.

Yes. We welcome pet cats, dogs, birds or fish. For obvious reasons, it is essential that they are well-trained and controlled in line with Council by-laws.

Yes. It is your right to have the aged care provider of your choice: you are entitled to continue to use the same care service providers or family support that you currently use.

If our FAQs have not addressed your questions, speak to your local Community Manager.

Yes. When you buy at Seasons you are buying a new home, and as such you have the right make minor internal alterations and improvements.

One thing to be aware of though, is Seasons reserves the right to restore the property to its original condition at the expense of the outgoing resident.

So before you plan to make any changes, have a chat with your Community Manager to make sure you get all the necessary assistance and approvals.

Yes. At Seasons, we strongly encourage the continued involvement of family and carers in all facets of your life, particularly if your family’s assistance with your medical management is important to you.

If there is any change in your condition or medical requirements, we ask that you or your family inform your Community Manager  so that we are able to help in whatever situation arises.

Yes.  Your apartment is your private residence and your doctor can make a house call to visit you at any time you choose.  You are also welcome to continue to visit your doctor at their Clinic/Surgery.

We have a number of doctors and other allied health professionals who visit our Communities regularly.  It may be more convenient for you to move your care across to them.  They are happy to see new patients so if you are interested in seeing our onsite doctors etc, speak to your Community Manager. 

Yes, of course they can! This is your home to live in as you always have.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have had to limit access to visitors to all our Communities from time to time. In these instances family may not be able to stay. We will keep you informed as changes happen so you can make necessary arrangements.

For more FAQs on COVID-19 visit our updates page here.

Yes. At Seasons, we believe in delivering care with dignity and respect. We believe in equality for all. We’re also very aware of family concerns for safety when a loved one lives with dementia.

We will work with you and your family to make sure your needs are met; with the goal for you to stay living in your Seasons apartment for as long as you wish.

We also use non-intrusive wearable technology to monitor residents with dementia and ensure their mobility and safety. In this way, elders with dementia living at Seasons are supported to enjoy full active lives to the best of their abilities. 

Some of our communities also operate a day program where people can attend and participate in activities relevant to their needs at the time.  Speak to your Community Manager for more information.

No. Your home at Seasons is secured by way of a 99-year lease and “right to reside” with the added advantage of not having to pay stamp duty (as you do when you own a freehold title).
Yes. The Title Deed and Lease are registered in your name with the Land and Titles Office of the Queensland State Government.
Yes. As a Seasons resident you will pay a fortnightly fee, which covers the costs associated with the day-to-day running of the Community, including lifestyle programs. These costs are apportioned to each apartment on an “equal share” basis by way of a charge known as the General Services Charge.

Yes. Legislation in all States requires management to provide residents with regular statements of expenditure in relation to services and upkeep of the Community.

Care and personal services provided to individual Residents are invoiced fortnightly.

For more information on care visit our care FAQs here.

Yes. We know that people may want to experience life at a Seasons community prior to choosing to purchase.

That’s why Seasons provide the option of try before you buy, enabling a prospective new Seasons resident to move into accommodation immediately for as little as 3 days.


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