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Celebrating Wear it Purple Day: Supporting the Rainbow Generation

Celebrating Wear it Purple Day: Supporting the Rainbow Generation

As many of you know, the month of August is filled with love, empathy, and colour as we approach Wear it Purple Day on August 25th. This day is more than a celebration of a beautiful shade; it’s a symbol of acceptance, inclusion, and support for our rainbow generation. It’s a day when we stand together, regardless of our age, to say that everyone has the right to be proud of who they are.

A Brief History of Wear it Purple Day:

Wear it Purple was founded in 2010 in response to heart-wrenching stories of young lives lost due to bullying and harassment over their sexuality or gender identity. It’s a movement that has grown internationally, with a steadfast conviction that people everywhere should know that they are supported and loved.

How You Can Participate:

Seasons communities have a wonderful blend of wisdom, experience, and empathy, and Wear it Purple Day is an excellent opportunity to show our support. Here’s how you can participate:

Wear Purple: On August 25th, don something purple – be it a shirt, a scarf, a pin, or even purple flowers. Show the world, and especially our friends, that you stand with them.

Share Stories and Wisdom: If you feel comfortable, share stories of acceptance and love with others in our community. Sometimes, a simple word of understanding can make all the difference.

Create Purple Crafts: Engage in creating purple-themed crafts, decorations, or artwork and get your friends & neighbours involved. Let’s make our environment a beacon of support!

A Celebration of Inclusiveness

Wear it Purple Day is about more than colour; it’s about removing the stigma and embracing our shared humanity. As a community rich in experience, we have the unique opportunity to bridge the generational gap and show that love, acceptance, and pride, are values that transcend age.

Together, let’s celebrate Wear it Purple Day on August 25th. Let’s show the world that we are proud of who we are, and that we stand with our rainbow generation.


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