Keeping love in the air this Valentine’s Day

Keeping love in the air this Valentine’s Day

Our favourite celebration of love, Valentine’s Day, is right around the corner. It’s the perfect day to express your gratitude and appreciation of the special people in your life. This could be your husband, wife, partner, best friend, or even neighbour! No matter who they are, everybody deserves to feel the love on this special day. If you’re in need of some inspiration on how to do this, look no further. Here are some ideas on how to keep love in the air this Valentine’s Day.

A handwritten letter

Gone are the days of handwriting letters on a daily basis. If you ask anybody when the last time they wrote a letter was, good chance is they don’t remember. Texting, email, and phone calls have taken over as our primary means of communication. This means that the personal and intimate nature of a handwritten letter is now even more appreciated! Taking the time to write a letter to somebody for Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to tell them what you feel about them. Not only can you express yourself through words, but the time it takes to write the letter makes it even more special. If you’re usually one to send a Valentine’s Day message online, try writing a letter this year. You may surprise yourself, and you will definitely surprise your special someone! This letter could be posted to somebody you don’t see often or handed to them in person. You never know, they might hold onto the letter as a reminder of how you feel.

DIY vouchers

While the traditional presents of chocolates and flowers are still great, making something yourself always has a special touch to it. One of our favourite ideas is making a book of DIY vouchers! You can include vouchers to redeem all sorts of things. This could be a massage, a foot rub, doing the dishes, or even a date night. Try and personalise it to what you think your special someone would like! If you live together, a voucher for work around the house could be a great idea. If it’s somebody platonic you’re expressing your appreciation for, you could include vouchers for “a meal on me” or a day where they get to pick an activity to do with you! The opportunities are endless. DIY vouchers are a great gift idea because they have the ability to be completely personalised. And the good news is, you can make this for almost no cost, making them a great idea if you’re trying to save some money.

Sending flowers

This is one of the more traditional options, but still one of the best. Sometimes, we don’t get to see our loved ones as much as we would like. Sending flowers is a great way to remind them that we love them, even if we can’t tell them to their face. There are countless online flower delivery services. Through a simple search online, you can find a service that delivers to wherever your loved one is located. You can also get flowers delivered to someone you see all the time, and it’s just as special! This can be a great way to surprise somebody who might spot you trying to sneak in with flowers. You can get it delivered to your home, or even their place of work. Here are a few flower delivery services available across South East Queensland:

Toowoomba Flowers & Gifts | Toowoomba
Poppy Rose | Brisbane
Redlands Florist | Redlands
Gold Coast Florist | Gold Coast
Sarah’s Flowers | Sunshine Coast

Showing someone close to you that you love them is important all year around. However, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to go above and beyond and try something different! Whether you handwrite a letter or send flowers, showing your appreciation for someone will not only cheer up them, but you as well. Spoil someone special and keep love in the air this Valentine’s Day.



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