Best friends reunited at Seasons

Best friends reunited at Seasons

Long-term Granite Belt neighbours Elsie and Betty have been reunited at Seasons Redbank Plains.

Betty (pictured left) and Elsie (pictured right) both hail from England but it was in Stanthorpe in Queensland’s Granite Belt where they became friends – so long ago that neither of them can remember exactly when they met.

“We’ve been friends for a long, long time,” says Betty, 84.

“We only had one house between us in Stanthorpe. We became friendly and used to go shopping with each other and go to each other’s houses. Our husbands were friends as well.”

Following the loss of her husband, Elsie, now 81, moved from Stanthorpe into Seasons Redbank Plains in 2013.

“We kept in touch and would ring each other up,” says Betty.

Betty also visited when she could and after her own husband passed away and she needed more care, the friends were reunited. Betty moved into an apartment backing on to Elsie’s in November 2018.

Chatting with Betty and Elsie, you can instantly feel their shared bond and sense of humour.

“I knock on her door and tell her she’s making too much noise,” laughs Elsie.

“We just like the same things. We have the same interests. To end up in the same place after all this time is great,” says Betty.

“We do most things together. We sit and talk, do crosswords and have cups of tea. We do bingo when it’s on.”

When asked what they like most about each other, the friends have a variety of answers.

“Elsie’s very loyal, she’s very caring and she’s my friend,” says Betty.

“I would say the same about Betty. She is a bossy boots, but I know if I’m in trouble or I want anything I can go and tell Betty about it,” says Elsie.

“We’re good friends, both of us and it works both ways. It’s not one sided,” says Betty.

“Friendship means a lot- especially here. It’s nice to have a bosom pal.”

“You know you’ve got someone to turn to,” says Elsie.

“I can’t get away from her,” laughs Betty.


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