Faye still gardening at 101

Faye still gardening at 101

Walking into Seasons Caloundra, the first thing that catches your eye is the vibrant garden surrounds. One of the first gardens to greet you as you enter the community is the work of Faye, a spritely 101-year-old who still tends to her garden every day.

If you stop by to admire her array of flowers, you may be lucky enough to have a chat with Faye herself who admits that while she may be slowing down a little, gardening represents a life-long passion.

“I try and keep it colourful, but age is catching up with me,” says Faye.

“My dad always told a story about when I was six-years-old. I went shopping with Threepence and came back with a packet of Nasturtium seeds. Other kids would buy lollies, but I always loved plants.

“I spent five and a half years in the army and I always had flowers outside my tent. I used to get in trouble because I was spending water watering them, so I said I’ll have two minutes shorter in the shower!”

Faye was overjoyed to find a way to pay homage to her years of service by planting the seeds of the flowers she so lovingly tended to when she served overseas.

“I went to Bunnings the other week and I was delighted to find some Flanders Poppy seeds. They grew outside our tents when we were in Palestine and they were just beautiful. I put a whole lot of coloured ones in which will be flowering shortly and they’re lovely!

“I’ve looked for years and couldn’t find the seeds or anything and suddenly there they were!”

Faye says that having her plants helps to keep her active.

“My son John tells me that I’m no longer a gardener. He says ‘Mum, you just like playing in the dirt,” Faye says with a chuckle.


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