Guide to rightsizing for seniors

Guide to rightsizing for seniors

We are all familiar with the concept of downsizing, but what about rightsizing? As we reach retirement age, there will come a time when we must reassess the way we live. Oftentimes, moving out of the beloved family home and into a smaller home is associated with negative connotations. However, by embracing the concept of rightsizing, one might find new meaning in life, making the transition to a new chapter extremely enjoyable.

What is rightsizing?

Rightsizing is the process of aligning your lifestyle with what matters most to you. It may include downsizing, simplifying, recycling furniture or equipment that you no longer need, and living a simpler lifestyle in general. As author Kathy Gottberg puts it: “Downsizing implies that you are sacrificing or giving up something better, for something worse. Rightsizing instead implies you are making a move that looks and feels ‘right”. Rightsizing therefore concentrates on moulding your surroundings to your lifestyle, rather than moulding your lifestyle to your surroundings. This is a powerful mindset to have as you grow older.

Why should you rightsize?

There are many reasons why you might want to rightsize your home or your lifestyle as you enter retirement. Rightsizing is all about creating a life with purpose and meaning, and finding what brings you joy and happiness. For example, you might find that as you get older, you don’t want to have to take care of a big house. Instead, you would prefer to spend more time pursuing your hobbies or catching up with friends. Rightsizing is all about reassessing what matters most to you and designing a life that meets those new needs. For example, by deciding to move to a retirement village such as Seasons, you can focus on doing the things that make you truly happy while someone else takes care of the gardening, cooking, and even cleaning.

Tips on how to rightsize

Embrace a new state of mind

Embracing rightsizing will involve changing our perspective on life for many of us, which is often the most challenging part. It involves consciously thinking about what lifestyle you want and making decisions about how to make it a reality. Rightsizing can be a humbling experience as you realise that as long as you are living a meaningful life, then you don’t need all the extra stuff.

Focus on what brings you joy

It’s human nature to put a lot of value on materialistic possessions. However, it gets dangerous when we let these chattels define our values and self-worth. When you rightsize, you are giving yourself the chance to reassess the way you’re thinking. Instead of looking for happiness from possessions, you are placing a greater amount of value on human connection or experience instead. This mindset will also help you transition to a retirement village or smaller home as you age because you are not letting your possessions define you.

Define what rightsizing means to you

The beauty of rightsizing or simplifying your life is that it looks different to everyone. Whilst some people will find the most happiness from friendships, others will place more importance on self-learning. You decide what brings you joy, and that means different things to many people!

By rightsizing your life, you are simplifying your lifestyle and giving yourself the space to think about what really matters. It’s all about reframing the concept of downsizing with a positive approach. It is a powerful concept that will help us all live a life with meaning.


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