Indoor Exercises for Seniors

Finding creative ways to exercise at home has become more important now than ever, especially for seniors.

As we age, it is vital that we keep our bodies fit and active to stay healthy and strong, even if it means needing to do so our exercises indoors. We have put together some of our favourite online resources– focusing on indoor exercises designed for seniors.


Exercise Right has a range of online home workouts for older adults, as well as offering personal training via video and telehealth if you would like a more personalised approach. Their workouts focus on areas from mobility to strength to falls prevention. To find out more about their indoor exercises for seniors, visit their website here.


The Active Seniors Health Centre have also put together some video exercises, with their workouts being condensed down to a minute for each different exercise. This includes foot mobility, core focuses, and calf raises, specifically looking at good target areas of the body for seniors. To find out more, visit their website here.


In this next article, PhysioWest has provided five exercises you can undertake indoors. These focus on looking at general strength and conditioning. To find out more, read here.


Finally, take a look at Vive Health’s 18 chair exercises for seniors for some seated workouts that can help to develop your flexibility and muscle strength. These indoor exercises are perfect for doing at your own pace and targeting specific areas of the body.


Good luck on your at-home fitness journey and stay safe.

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