James inspires a firies’ fundraiser

James inspires a firies’ fundraiser

Moved by the devastation of the recent bushfires, Seasons Waterford West resident James decided to make a positive difference.

James’ idea for a fundraiser came to him when he was sitting watching news of the fires and he happened to have $50 in his hand. James thought to himself “what if everyone just put in $50? Surely that would make a difference?”

He started a fundraiser by putting up a notice on the community whiteboard, with a challenge to others. He would donate the first $50, and if over $1000 was raised, he would put in another $50.

Seasons Waterford West lifestyle coordinator Charmaine said that thanks to the generosity of residents and the team, pledges started rolling in.

“James continued to encourage the residents to ‘send him broke’, saying he would keep contributing $50 for every additional $1000 donated,” she said.

Weeks later, James and his Seasons Waterford West community were pleased to hand over their donation of $3000 to the Logan Village Rural Fire Brigade.

Kylie, Matt and Kendall from the Brigade spoke to residents and said the donation would go a very long way in purchasing new equipment, being either a weather station – as theirs broke during the fire season – or a thermal imaging camera.

Residents enjoyed being shown around the truck by the Logan Village Rural Fire crew too.

waterford west senior residents with local firies and fire truck

“It’s so good to know where the money is going to,” said James, in relation to the fire team coming to visit. “It just kind of topped the whole thing off.”

Charmaine said that the residents loved more than anything that they got to see the full circle of their impact.

“A lot of the times when we donate money, the money is deposited, and it sort of disappears in the sense that you don’t really know exactly where it goes. Hearing how it will help and what they intend to use the money for was very rewarding.”


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