Managing Moving Anxiety

Managing Moving Anxiety

Fear of change happens to all of us, and the process of moving can be exhausting and overwhelming at any age. For seniors, however, moving anxiety can be more prominent as it commonly involves leaving a family home or one they have lived in for years.

Relocating due to changing care needs also represents the end of a chapter in life and the start of a new one that is harder to accept. This can take an emotional toll on someone, making the move more challenging to come to terms with.

Even if you are looking forward to relocating to a new home or seniors’ living community, it is completely normal to experience some sort of anxiety in the lead up to the move. Below we’ve highlighted some suggestions to help you through this transition.

Start early

Starting early is key to managing any moving related stress. Aside from the pressure of having to organise everything, you will also need to give yourself time to process the change. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and start at least a few weeks in advance. Take advantage of time by planning the removalists, organising the potential garage sale that you might be having, and of course, accepting the changes that are about to happen.

Keep the familiar

If you are moving to a smaller space, then it is likely that you will need to downsize and declutter your home. That does not mean, however, that you must throw out everything.  In fact, it is recommended that you keep some things that will make your new house feel more familiar. This can be items that you have cherished throughout the years such as a certain piece of furniture, or other sentimental things such as old photos to display. Home is a feeling, not a place, which is why you should keep those items that remind you of happy memories.

Seek help

As with many things in life, moving cannot be done alone. In fact, it is always best to have a team of people around you that can help you through the process. Reach out to friends and family when you feel overwhelmed if you can. You should also take this opportunity to reminisce together on some of the great times that you’ve had and look forward to the future. Surrounding yourself with people throughout this period in life will lift your spirits and reduce any moving anxiety you may be experiencing.

There are also relocation specialists, such as Blue Lighthouse Relocations, who specialise in helping seniors downsizing, declutter, pack, move and unpack. Christine Starr, owner of Blue Lighthouse Relocations, says, “So many of our clients have a real sense of calm knowing that they have us, someone who has the right equipment, tools, experience and have done it so many times before, there to help them and to rely on during a move. We consult with them throughout the entire process, so they feel completely involved and supported – without having the actual stress of doing it themselves.”

Stay flexible

Relocating is a major task, and there is always the small chance that things will not go 100% as planned. If something has gone wrong that is completely out of your control, there is no need to worry about it. Remember to try and laugh off any small inconveniences and enjoy the process. There will be many things to look forward to in the future!

How we can help at Seasons

At Seasons, we want to do whatever we can to make you feel settled and at home in your new apartment. As part of our new relocation offer, we can pack, move and unpack all your belongings in the same day for a seamless transition.


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