Travel adventure for Waterford West residents

Travel adventure for Waterford West residents

Five Seasons Waterford West residents have shown that age is just a number and that adventures don’t have to stop once you move into a seniors’ living community. Our residents enjoyed a travel adventure trip up to Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Great Keppel Island.

Residents Mary, Corinne, Bert, Gloria and Norma were joined by lifestyle coordinator Charmaine on a five-night trip. Commencing the journey with an eight-hour train trip, the residents were glad to be greeted by dinner and dessert when they arrived.

Over the next few days, the group was kept busy with a daily itinerary that saw them travel around the regions top stops. These included Byfield National Park, Lake Mary, Rockhampton Heritage Village, Cathedral Caves and Great Keppel Island.

The trip to Great Keppel was a highlight for the majority of residents. Charmaine agreed by saying the residents said that their day of cruising and exploring the island was one of their favourite parts of the trip.

“We went for a scenic drive stopping by Wreck Point Scenic Lookout as we made our way to our ferry to set sail over to Keppel Island. The water was a little choppy but the view more than made up for it,” says Charmaine.

“Once docked we enjoyed morning tea before leaving the ferry to board a glass-bottom boat where we then sailed around the shorelines looking at all the different coral and learning more about our Great Barrier Reef.

“After the leisurely cruise, we boarded the ferry again where we enjoyed lunch whilst once more moving around the island. Docking again it was then free time on the island and you could choose to get off or stay on. Corinne and I enjoyed a lovely walk along the beach, picking up shells, talking and reminiscing while watching the waves roll in.”

Another highlight was the trip to Cathedral Caves, which Charmaine said was an emotional experience.

“Mary, Corinne and I took the tour down into the Cathedral Caves. Meanwhile Bert, Gloria and Norma enjoyed a Devonshire tea in the cafe. The Limestone was magnificent to look at and learning about how the caves form was fascinating,” says Corinne.

“Down in the Cathedral Cave our tour guide turned out the lights and played ‘Hallelujah’. It was absolutely incredible as the acoustics filled the cave. I actually teared up and Mary laughed when I told her and said ‘so did I’.

As well as the daily sightseeing, live entertainment in the evenings allowed the group to relax and unwind.

On the last night, dinner and dancing was a highlight, as well as an impromptu game of pass the parcel.

“Our group was invited to join another for one of their birthdays. We even had a game of pass the parcel, with a twist, it was hilarious! My favourite part of today was watching Bert and Gloria dance around the dining room together,” says Charmaine.

Everyone had various highlights from the trip but, all agreed that the adventure together was a great chance to experience a special part of Queensland while enjoying each other’s company.


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