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Pets: How they can improve your quality of life

Pets: How they can improve your quality of life

We often form strong bonds with our pets. These bonds bring value, meaning and worth, which helps enhance the quality of the lives of both owner and pet.

People, especially seniors, who have pet companions, are often in better shape and require fewer visits to their physicians. Pets help them relax and adhere to their daily routine. In addition, they also help them become more mobile and sociable.

Here are some more reasons of how pets can improve your quality of life:

Promotes physical activity

One of the main health benefits of having a pet is promoting physical activity. Having a pet is not just about cuddling – you need to groom, give them a bath and walk them regularly. You also need to ensure they have fresh water and clean up after them. Frequent interaction with pets helps keep your joints flexible. It also benefits your cardiovascular system since petting helps stabilise heart rate, which keeps your blood pressure from rising too high.

Helps improve mood and reduce tension

Aside from helping promote physical movement, pets also offer a buffer against depression and loneliness. In the fast-paced world we live in, pets promote a sense of consistency to help you stay focused. They also help you regain your feelings of optimism and independence. In addition, pets offer attention and unconditional love, regardless of their owner’s age. They can help reduce tension and improve overall mood.

Encourages social interaction with other people

Pet therapy is now being adopted by supported living facilities such as Seasons Aged Care. Before, most aged care facilities did not allow pets on their premises. However, many now allow elderly to bring their pets with them. Having pets encourages seniors to interact with each other to become more sociable. Patients suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia can benefit from the companionship these pets offer. Pets also help draw people out from their shells and encourage them to interact with each other.

The elderly and their pets who share their affection and time can ultimately live happier lives. Although human relationships are still important, pets can help bridge them. Their unconditional love and attention will always rub off on people.

At Seasons we value the importance of seniors being able to keep their pets with them when they move in to our communities, and as such, all of our communities are pet-friendly. To find out more about Seasons, call us on 1300 732 766 or enquire online today.


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